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"... producer organisations form the backbone of the common market organisation, the decentralised operation of which they are to ensure at their level; in the face of ever greater concentration of demand, the concentration of supply through these organisations is more than ever an economic necessity in order to strengthen the position of producers in the market; such concentrations should be voluntary and be meaningful in terms of the scope and efficiency of the services offered by the producer organisations to their members ..."

"... producer organisation means any legal entity:

(a) set up on the own initiative of a group of producers of one or more of the products referred to in Article 1 a, b, and c, in so far, in the case of frozen, treated or processed products, as the operations in question have been carried out on board fishing vessels;

(b) established for the purpose, in particular, of ensuring that fishing is carried out along rational lines and that conditions for the sale of their members' products are improved, by taking such measures as will:

1. encourage the planning of production and its adjustment to demand, in terms of both quantity, in particular by implementing catch plans;

2. promote the concentration of supply;

3. stabilise prices;

4. encourage fishing methods which support sustainable fishing ..."

of 17 December 1999
on the common organisation of the markets in fishery and aquaculture products

Council regulation (EC) No 104/2000 of 17 December 1999.


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