Human capital education and exchange of good practices.

University of Gdańsk Faculty of Management and University of Akureyri in collaboration with PAOP undertake to organize scholarship contest .

Responsible fisheries


Scientific cooperation

Since its creation our organization cooperate with National Marine Fisheries Research Institute 

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national marine fisheries research institute

National Marine Fisheries Research Institute – the oldest marine science centre in Poland.


Mission: Providing independent, objective and up-to-date knowledge based on scientific activity as well as research and development works, which support economically sustainable and environmentally sound development of marine fisheries.


The mission is completed through the following activities:

  • preparing scientific opinions for the Polish fishing administration, the European Commission and proper international organisations;
  • conducting and promoting research as well as research and development activities in fishery, biological and interdisciplinary sciences focused on the marine environment;
  • conducting and promoting research into processing technologies, assessment of nutritional value in fishing products and raw materials as well as fisheries economics;
  • developing society’s awareness on the functioning and rational exploitation of the marine ecosystem, with a special attention to sustainable marine fisheries management.



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