Human capital education and exchange of good practices.

University of Gdańsk Faculty of Management and University of Akureyri in collaboration with PAOP undertake to organize scholarship contest .

Responsible fisheries


Scientific cooperation

Since its creation our organization cooperate with National Marine Fisheries Research Institute 

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November 7th, 2018

Inauguration of PISCES Contest

- I recoginize the education of the future employees of the fisheries sector as a foundation for the future development of the national and European maritime economy, the so-called blue economy sector, which has been model for years in Iceland - says Bogusław Szemioth, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Iceland in Warsaw and adds that the idea behind Polish Icelandic SCholarchip - Exchange Studies (PISCES) best descibers the slogan of the competition: 'be SMART! 4Blue Education '.


Students of Management at the University of Gdańsk of the Faculty of Management will be able to apply for three annual scholarships in the amount of EUR 5,000 each (the total prize pool is EUR 15,000), and the condition for participation in the competition is:

  • the status of the ERASMUS + scholarship holder at the University of Akureyri
  • submitting a competition application together with writing a paper on "Quality management driven by innovations influence of storage and transportation conditions of frozen herring, mackerel and cod on quality and processing"
  • presentation of the above work before the PISCES Program Board


Details and current information are available here




photo: Promotion Unit of the University of Gdansk

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