Human capital education and exchange of good practices.

University of Gdańsk Faculty of Management and University of Akureyri in collaboration with PAOP undertake to organize scholarship contest .

Responsible fisheries


Scientific cooperation

Since its creation our organization cooperate with National Marine Fisheries Research Institute 

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responsible fisheries

North Atlantic Producers Organization (NAPO) ensures sustainable continuous improvement of its services and products, building its development strategy based on the otherness and diversity of people and nature. It strives to gain greater understanding of its employees and contractors, respect ethical norms and values, and set the standards of fair market competition.

We see the diversity of the natural world as the foundation and a sacred principle of daily functioning, whether in professional or personal life. The NAPO system of values does not assume any divisions to the “external” and “internal” world; instead, we see ourselves as a natural part of a certain whole that not only follows the rules but also tries to consciously shape and co-create them, having full respect for multiculturalism
and the differences between people in terms of their needs, dreams and expectations. We do not agree to any forms of discrimination. We see and respect the world as it is – as diverse as we are.

Here at NAPO we are fully aware that the Earth’s natural resources are limited, while human and consumption-related needs remain infinite. Therefore, we adopt a conscious and prudent approach to our operational and business activity, which involves sustainable and responsible exploitation of natural deposits of the seas and oceans of the world, and strive for the fullest possible coexistence of man and nature, ensuring the living and sustainable development conditions for both of these worlds. 

NAPO is also a part of a market system that has been functioning according to unchanged rules of exchange and cooperation for ages. What changes is the reality, as well as the tools and means of that cooperation. We respect the sacred right of every participant in this market game to ownership and autonomy, so our philosophy of action is guided by the principles rooted in local patriotism in a broad sense of the term.
Furthermore, we condemn, and never ourselves practise, any acts of unfair competition.

Scientific cooperation


NAPO undertakes a research programme in cooperation with The National Marine Fisheries Research Institute in Gdynia in all sea areas where Polish high-sea fishing fleet is engaged in fishing activities.

MSC certification


Our members attaches great importance to conduct responsible and sustainable fishing. MSC certification (Marine Stewardship Council) is one of the confirmations of these actions. Arctic Navigations holds at the moment MSC certificates for the sustainable catch of white fish in Svalbard and Norwegian waters and Atlanex holds MSC certificates for the sustainable catch of pelagic species in the North Atlantic.

Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


we are developing the quality of our services, implementing new systems and procedures, for better support of our daily cooperation with Customers, Suppliers and Cooperants. The expression of our next step, which we carried out with a view to improving our organization, was the development and implementation of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. This document expresses the principles we follow from the beginning of our activity and today we gather them in formal document.

sustainable fisheries


We invite you to visit a website on the science, policies, and human dimensions of sustainable fisheries. 

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